Podcast sitcom about, possibly, the worst* cult in all of Britain. 

*in this instance "worst" means the most useless, ineffective and incapable. 


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Sected is a British audio sitcom about four incompetent souls trying to start their own cult. 

Can you create a new movement with no ideas, no philosophy, and a leader with the charisma of a plastic plant forgotten in a cupboard? They’ll certainly give it a go.

Written by award-winning playwright Paul Adam Levy and performed by an acclaimed comedy theatre cast.

With Carla Segal as Jill, Hannah Meyer as Beatrice, Theo Brignall as Drew, and Joseph Krajewski as Handar.

Cast and crew

Carla Segal


Hannah Meyer 


Joseph Krajewski 


Theo Brignall 

Drew / additional characters

Paul Adam Levy

Writer and producer